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Frequently Asked Questions about Fashion Week

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the major fashion weeks?

A list of dates can be found here.

How does this site work?

1. Take a look at upcoming dates.

2. Next, check out the schedules for each city.

3. Open-to-the-public opportunities are listed in green. The rest are industry-only.

How can I volunteer or work during fashion week?

Your best bet is to reach out directly to the various fashion week producers, and look for opportunities on their social media accounts.

I’d like to model during fashion week.

Most fashion week castings are handled through agencies. However, there are times when emerging or independent designers, or even bigger names, will hold open castings, or vet through an online submission process looking for new talent. We post casting calls for some of these shows (and producer contacts) for our VIP members here, and also make announcements for members on our Instagram. Independently, you can try reaching out directly or following the social media of the various fashion week producers.

I’d like to do makeup / hair during fashion week.

Although we don’t hire HMUAs, you might try contacting the producers directly. Here’s a list for each city: New York | London | Milan | Paris | Miami.

Finally, if you’re willing to do a little research, there’s a lot of great info. here.

How can I attend fashion week?

Although most events are “industry only” (buyers and press), there are specific opportunities for the public to attend. Read “How to Attend Fashion Week.

Where are the shows held?

Generally speaking, show locations change each season. Locations are set by each designer, and generally aren’t made public, to keep crowds in check. The address usually only appears on actual invitations. However, often open-to-the-public shows have publicized addresses. (Tip: Certain locations tend to be used each season, such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. But your best bet is to go to the social media accounts of brands you love, to see if they make the info. public.)

How can I apply as a designer?

Opportunities vary by city, and there’s a lot to know. Fortunately, we’ve included a basic guide and a list of producers here.

How can I advertise or promote my brand during fashion week?

Read this.

When is fashion week?

The womenswear shows begin in February and September. The menswear shows (and the women’s “haute couture” shows in Paris) happen in January and in the summer months. For more details, read “When Is Fashion Week?

What’s the history of fashion week?

It all began in the 1800s, in the haute couture salons of Paris. Read “History of Fashion Week.”

Is there an “official” New York Fashion Week?

That’s a question with a complex answer. Read this.

Do you need writers?

We aren’t looking for writers at this time.

Can I send photographs?

We aren’t actively looking for photographers at this time.

Can I submit my event to the calendar?

Yes, submit here.

Why wasn’t my calendar event approved / posted?

Please read this.

Can I contact FWO?

Of course, IF we didn’t answer any of your questions above. Otherwise, please save a pixel. : )  Contact us here. (Please note: We can’t respond to any questions already covered above.)