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Official New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Schedule

Official New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Schedule

The most complete NYFW 2024 schedule. When It Happens: February and September. (Learn more.)

Looking for NYFW tickets? Click here. Below is the official New York Fashion Week schedule, which also includes industry shows. Note: Shows will typically begin to appear below about 4-6 weeks before NYFW begins. See next dates.

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What to Expect on this Year’s NYFW Schedule

New York Fashion Week is back! This year’s NYFW 2024 schedule is jam-packed with exciting events, collaborations, and presentations. Every February and September, fashion lovers around the world tune-in and show up to experience the latest trends and collections from some of the industry’s most well-known designers, and (just as importantly) to discover new names and faces. Here’s what to expect as part of this year’s official schedule.

Presentations & Runway Shows

The official NYFW schedule includes a range of runway shows and presentations for both men’s and women’s clothing lines. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, The Blonds, Proenza Schouler, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors, and many more will be showcasing their upcoming collections in a variety of different formats ranging from traditional runway shows to virtual showrooms and digital activations.

Fashion Show Collaborations

This year’s fashion week will feature a number of unique collaborations between designers and other brands. We’ll announce these as they come up on our front page and in our New York news section.

Online Events & Experiences

Once again, many designers are taking their events online in order to reach a wider audience than ever before. A variety of live streams will feature everything from panel discussions with industry insiders to fashion film screenings hosted by some of today’s top style influencers. There’s also a list of virtual and metaverse experiences available for those who want to explore the latest trends without having to leave their homes.

Discovering New and Emerging Designers on the New York Fashion Week Schedule

Every great designer began as an “unknown.” So in addition to some of fashion’s most storied names, our official NYFW schedule includes independent and emerging designers, many making their appearance on the runway for the first time. Some are new, and others are successful designers in their home country making an appearance at New York Fashion Week for the first time.

This is where NYFW becomes a true journey of discovery, the perfect opportunity to discover emerging designers who are pushing the boundaries of fashion and style. Look for special emerging designer showcases on the NYFW schedule, student showcases, group shows, and for designers that seem intriguing or unfamiliar. We usually include links inside each event so you check them out in advance.

Fashion Week Tickets

NYFW tickets are listed in green. Also in green are events with RSVP info. for members. (In other words, where producers have told us they’re open to considering VIP members for attendance; please understand capacity at these more exclusive industry shows is limited, and at the discretion of each organizer.)

Either way, if you’re thinking of getting fashion week tickets, the reality is quantities are limited, so act fast for the best shot at getting the shows (and seats!) you want.

NYFW Begins Soon

With so much happening during this year’s New York Fashion Week, it can be difficult to keep track of all the exciting events taking place over the course of roughly one week. From runway shows and fashion show collaborations to online events and experiences, there’s something for everyone on this year’s official NYFW schedule – no matter where you are or what your style may be.

Official NYFW Schedule