Alberto Zambelli – Fall Winter 2024-25 Milan Fashion Week Collection “Nextum”

Nexum as a connection between man and nature, between masculine and feminine, between matter and body.

Zambelli reflects and creates a dialogue between these dualisms, transforming silence into a visual language. The designer explores the world of tailoring through the use of leathers with sophisticated and elegant textures, precise cuts with embracing forms in a timeless minimalism.

Leather meets the body, creating a sensory experience, a symphony of emotions at the touch, a declaration of contemporary luxury.

Knitwear completes the harmony of contrasts. Soft and embracing yarns intertwine skillfully, transforming the concept of connection into a warm and welcoming embrace, becoming the bridge between nature and the body with a feeling of comfort and beauty. Each piece from “Nexum” collection is a meticulously designed work of art. Zambelli has woven a tapestry of timeless style, inviting the world to reflect on the beauty of connection and the poetry that lies behind each creation.

Alberto Zambelli

Photos: Loris Patrizi

Colors: Caviar – Rock – Lime – Moss – Sienna earth
Lines: Egg – Kimono – Amphora – Pencil
Fabrics: Raw wool – Popline – Nappa leather – Denim – Flannel – Mohair – Merino wool
Accessories: Shopper – Shoulder bag – Maxi – Travel bag – Man lace-up – Natural pearls and silver earrings –
Fishnet stocking – Male ankle socks

MIZENSIR – Incensum

The mastery and sensitivity of a great perfumer like Alberto Morillas pay homage, in Incensum, to Kodo, an ancient Japanese ceremony where the “voice” of incense is listened to by burning it with guests around a brazier: a gesture capable of calming body, mind, and spirit. An encounter between East and West, expressed in the fragrance through a contrast between spices and woods. The dualism becomes harmonious and merges with the depth of myrrh, papyrus, and a leather and wood accord.

Alberto Zambelli

Founded in 2013, the homonymous brand is recognized for its minimal and decorative style, made up of clean and architectural lines as well as the use of noble materials and precious details.

The continuous search for materials, shapes, and processes aimed at high Pret-à-Porter, and the aptitude for the use of natural materials, was awarded the Designer in 2014 among the 15 talents of Milan Fashion Week.

In recent years Zambelli has made important collaborations in the East, by which he remains fascinated. And so the East becomes the center of new studies of volumes in which aesthetics and function are a single one.

The collections translate a contemporary and personal vision of the Made in Italy Heritage, designed, created, and produced within the Alberto Zambelli Headquarters at Km Zero.


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