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During Guatemala Fashion Week, a Three-day Event Focused on Sustainability and the Diversity of Both National and International Designers Took Place.

The first day, known as the “Kick Off” of Guatemala Fashion Week, was held at the Aurora Zoo with the opening of a new area called Explanada Balam. This day was marked by the theme of “Sustainability”, aiming to raise awareness among fashion designers and producers about the importance of caring for the environment and natural resources.

Thelma Espina was a highlight of this day, dazzling attendees with a show featuring denim and patchwork. Trends for summer 2024 were also showcased by brands like Bikini Town and KOSTA by Moonart, along with Nicolás Aristizabal’s Samsara collection, which evoked a sensory journey through the wheel of life. The day concluded with a runway show by Raul Briceño, who proposed the use of environmentally beneficial fabrics. Trends on this day included earth tones and textures like recycled cotton and denim.

On the second day, Mexico and Nicaragua were represented at SDM Latam, further uniting cultural diversity on the Guatemalan runway. At the Infinia space in Agexport, designers such as Jesús de la Garsa, Owana Lima from Nicteel, María Calderón, María Fernanda Bags, Totto, Ischia by Miranda Miguel, and Erick Bendaña were featured. This day stood out for its variety of trends, ranging from embroidery and embellishments to prints and sustainable fabrics.

Guatemala Fashion Week

Photos: @pedrolollet @plot.labs

The third and final day, known as “The Grand Finale #GuateInspira”, took place at Plaza el Obelisco, becoming the epicenter of the runway. National designers such as Lanificio di Livenza, 35 Studio, Mafer Kienhle & Elemento were highlighted, alongside international names like OVS and renowned Colombian designer Jorge Duque. Duque’s collaboration was particularly noteworthy as he created a collection inspired by Guatemala, titled “Entreaguas #Guateinspira”, after immersing himself in local culture and working with Guatemalan artisans. His runway show concluded with an emotional moment as he walked alongside local artisans, emphasizing the connection between fashion, culture, and artisanal work in the country.

Jose Ibarra director of Public Relations and Production told us that the platform is not the only thing growing and evolving but also the guests and Guatemalan crowd are growing and being more curious about fashion and quality.

In summary, Guatemala Fashion Week 2024 not only showcased the latest fashion trends but also emphasized the importance of sustainability, cultural diversity, and artisanal work in the fashion industry. The event also saw the presence of internationally renowned guests like Maajida Isa “La Diabla” from Colombia and Mane from “Acapulco Shore”, who actively participated by wearing designs from SDM Latam designers, enriching the event and amplifying its relevance in the Latin American fashion scene


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