Emerging Talent Milan Fall-Winter 2024/2025 Collections

“Undeniable” Collection
For the Undeniable collection, designer Anahit Baveyan sources inspiration from the patterns of traditional Armenian carpets, having influenced each of the pieces in this collection, regardless of the item’s color, shape and style.

“It is widely known that us Armenians, spread across the globe, often get accustomed to the country’s traditions, without trying to separate ourselves from other national groups. However what is undeniable is that simultaneously we endeavour to preserve our own national identity and cultural heritage, passing those values to the upcoming generations. This is nothing else but the most typical feature of the Armenian people.

I ensured that my collection embodies the huge charisma, power, and positive energy that small details can carry. Pieces within this collection might seem to be fighting an endless battle of controversy and balance, evolving through colors and concepts, although still complementary for each other”, states Baveyan.

Emerging Talent Milan

Photo Credits: Anna Minaeva

The designer took into consideration current fashion trends, relevant color palettes, and the occasions that these clothes can be worn for. At the same time you can see the traditional carpet patterns that naturally blend and merge with the clothes’ aesthetic. However, these patterns appear as independent elements of the clothes, emphasizing the cultural value and the history they bear. Undoubtedly, this collection would catch the eye of a stranger, no matter where, creating the opportunity to tell and showcase the roots of Armenian heritage and, most significantly, its future path.

BAVEYAN is supported by Armenian Partners


The Poel brand presents its customers with original jewelry inspired by the idea of ​​​​combining the concepts of the spiritual and the beautiful. Poel creates jewellery full of spiritual essence and content, the cornerstone of which is various elements of the rich cultural heritage of Christianity.

The brand was founded in 2016 by Arusyak Stepanyan and has been actively positioning itself on the market since 2023. Our main goal is to introduce Christian symbols to the world while creating unique jewelry with deep spiritual essence and meaning for our clients.

Poel is supported by Armenian Partners

About Armenian Partners

Armenian Partners is a startup aimed at fostering connections between Armenia and the international community. With a mission to facilitate global collaborations and opportunities, Armenian Partners serves as a bridge for businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

In today’s interconnected world, access to international markets and networks is crucial for success. Armenian Partners Platform offers a comprehensive solution, providing foreign companies with a gateway to a rich talent pool, diverse suppliers, consulting services, investment opportunities, and more. Conversely, local Armenian businesses and professionals gain access to global distributors, suppliers, job alerts, and a myriad of collaboration possibilities.

“At Armenian Partners Platform, we believe in the power of collaboration and the limitless potential that arises when diverse talents and perspectives come together,” says Mikayel Khachatryan, Founder and CEO. “Our platform simplifies the process of international networking and opens doors for mutually beneficial partnerships.”


Artuyt, a distinguished fashion gallery brand renowned for its fusion of art and fashion, proudly announces the launch of its latest silk scarves collection, “Peace.” This exquisite collection of silk scarves showcases a compelling tale of a fictional goddess embodying tranquility. The collection highlights the issues that are currently happening all over the world – wars, conflicts and fights.

Each scarf within this remarkable series serves as a narrative thread, intricately woven to continue the story of a goddess unparalleled by any mythology. This ethereal figure resides within her temple nestled on the mountainside, where the meandering streams converge. Here, the tears of joy shed by doves blend seamlessly with the crystalline waters, holding the key to resolution for all dilemmas.

The sacred flow from her cascades into the lake of peace, serving as an oasis for creatures of all kinds – predators and herbivores. In this moment of communion, instinctual barriers dissolve, and a fleeting sense of tranquility envelops all.

The goddess, wielding a cup brimming with this transformative water, embarks on a journey to disseminate peace, seeking to remedy ceaseless conflicts.
After the cup is emptied, she returns to her temple, recounting the tale of the dove’s joy through an enchanting dance.

The dove, enraptured by these narratives, sheds tears of euphoria, contributing to the cycle of blissful contentment.

The scarves within the “Peace” collection are not merely accessories; they encapsulate an immersive storytelling experience. Each piece intricately portrays facets of the goddess’s journey, from the serene temple to the transformative waters that transcend boundaries.

Artuyt continues its tradition of celebrating cultural heritage and artistic expression through this collection. “Peace” serves as a conduit to promote a universal message – one that transcends borders and cultures, advocating for unity, harmony, and the restoration of equilibrium in a world yearning for tranquility.

Bella Mandorla

Bella Mandorla is a Croatian brand born as an individual’s response to embracing personal expression and freedom. We love to blend the ‘incompatible’, using various environmentally friendly materials to create wearable bags that embody authenticity. Disliking rules and conformity, we engage in creating, recycling, and enjoying. We take pride in using recycled materials, supporting sustainable fashion that, from our point of view, represents the future.

About the Collection:

Inspired by my beliefs that I like to call “wealth of details”, this collection emerges from the heart, clarity of emotion, without rules in style, colors, or materials. Each bag is a raw product of my personality and perspective.”

Petit Fil

My name is Mateja Filipović and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I stand behind the Petit Fil brand.

I would say that I am Petit Fil, because everything that I live in life, all the situations that I encounter, all this permeates through my collections. My brand is the most sincere thing in my life, it is where I am most myself, my world where I completely rule.

I am a traffic engineer by profession, but my love for fashion led me to where I am now. Although my story started 6 years ago when I started a sewing course and subsequently enriched my knowledge with the Italian fashion school Callegari, I still think that I inherited the talent for creating and sewing from my grandmother. I spent my days as a child sitting next to her while she sewed.

I want to present to you my story. I found inspiration in my previous collections and in my personal style, because my creations are something of my personal stamp.

I don’t follow fashion trends and I don’t want to fit in with the crowd, I want that one day when you see one of my products you say it’s Petit Fil.


M.ROF (-form- in reverse) boldy seeks to transform traditional shapes of clothing and change current fashion perceptions. M.ROF takes pride in creating images of modern fashion that align with changing times and unconventional ideas.

Multifaced Coexist Concept with Meta Hangul

The concept for the 2024 F/W season aims to showcase a modern yet powerful reinterpretation of sartorial street style, blending avant-garde elements with a streetwise mood. Emphasizing the use of eco-friendly materials in structural designs, M.RoF sets itself apart with a distinctive approach. The graphics incorporate a vintage, frugal reinterpretation of pictograms, introducing a distorted form reminiscent of screen errors, all while expressing meta-Korean characters. In the face of the expanding global crisis, M.RoF, a contemporary fashion brand, seeks to alleviate anxiety by offering tranquility in contrasts and diverse options this season. Continuously conveying messages about the environment to customers, the brand provides a differentiated and experimental brand experience.

The focus for this season is on adding distinct features that can leave a lasting impression on the brand by reinterpreting the quiet luxury into a streetwise and cult-like style, while preserving the original nuances. Emphasis is placed on expanding the consumer base beyond the existing M.RoF power-modern style, particularly targeting the brand’s fan base. The casual classic for this season undergoes an upgrade to maintain everyday practicality and comfort while exuding sophistication and fashion-forward elements.

The collection unfolds based on combinations of styles that seem unlikely to complement each other. Going beyond the fundamental contrast between practicality and ornamentation, it expresses a coexistence of the free-spirited and modern image, moving away from the tidy and conservative nuances associated with the dichotomy of street and formalwear.

Consideration is given not only to realism but also to the joy offered by dressing up. The collection is structured around well-crafted basic items with the addition of bold fashion pieces. The expression of silhouette and proportion is crucial, featuring subtle oversized elements and graphic cuttings. Differentiation is achieved through cutting lines, variations in lengths, necklines, and the introduction of focal points like waistlines and waist skirts. Moreover, adjusting excess fabric, adding slight transformations to sleeves, and incorporating delicate variations contribute to making small but significant differences. The emphasis is on completing a streetwise style beyond the common classics through these subtle yet distinct variations.

JYK Label

Bringing Ulos to the Global Stage “From Village to Global”

JYK chose the fashion season of 2024/2025 as the opportune moment to introduce Ulos. Through this collection, JYK aims to convey the philosophy of Ulos as a symbol of a blanket, representing protection from the cold that strikes during autumn and winter. Thus, this collection not only presents aesthetic beauty but also carries a profound meaning of preserving and nurturing Indonesian cultural heritage.”

“Some important values that JYK Label aims to convey through the theme ‘Dalihan Na Tolu’ are balance, respect, and empowerment of women as the foundation of stability in societal relationships.

JYK uses black as a symbol of stability, gold ornaments as a symbol of glory and triumph, red as a symbol of confidence, and white as a symbol of freedom and openness in a sincere and unadorned sense. The fabric used in this collection is chosen to create a sense of stability and strength, including materials such as mikado, wool, suiting, silk charmeuse, and taffeta, balanced with organza and soft fabrics like chiffon and silk charmeuse. In this latest collection, JYK combines elements of traditional Batak culture with Italian architectural styles, particularly Gothic style with its geometric characteristics and large windows, along with the dramatic style of Italian baroque.

Art Director: Tariel Bisharyan
Head Fashion Stylist: Lucine Ayanian
Beauty Director and Key Makeup Artist: Valeria Orlando
Key Hair Stylist: Antonio Iengo
Backstage Director: Giuliana Bortolato
Casting Director: Josip Grabovac
Makeup Team: VOR Academy
Makeup Sponsor: VOR Makeup
Lighting and Audio: Family Studio Srl
Set Design: Hessentia, Ghidini1961, Gedy, Giacopini
Partners: GurapaLab, DNA Made In Italy


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