Fashion Vibes Cinematography Show Captivates During Milan Fashion Week

A “live movie” that showed how the parade itself, as it unfolded, was transformed into a live film in which the spectators played an important role in it.
The lights dim and the Women’s Fashion Week in Milan is over, during which the historic brands were alternated by emerging brands on the catwalks of suggestive city locations, attracting tens of thousands of journalists and buyers, fashion bloggers and numerous celebrities from all over the world.

One of the events, unique in its kind, was the one organized by Fashion Vibes in Via dell’Aprica 12, the Cinematography Fashion Show, the combination of Fashion with Cinema, masterfully conducted and presented by the actor Francesco Stella, who saw the transformation of the catwalk into a film set. The audience was also projected into the “cinematic” atmosphere, with music and film soundtracks, becoming part of the cast of a docufilm, shot during the show, on the professional path of Fashion Vibes and its founder Yuliia Palchykova.

The looks paraded on the runway seemed to recall an archive of great film names to highlight the apparent contradiction between the ephemerality of the world of fashion and the profound and conceptual one of cinema, where art is resolved in a dynamic exchange, slowly abandoning two seemingly poles away to give rise to a profound dialogue between them, generating a profound reflection on the relationship between society, fashion and culture which reached its peak at the Fashion Vibes’ fashion show.

Cinematography Fashion Show

The poignant notes of “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling played by the famous Belarusian violinist Neringa Baciulinaite, graduate of the International Competition “Talents of Europe” and winner of the “Awards 2022” competition in the “Best Concert Project” category, welcomed guests with her violin. It was a musical magic whose sound broke the silence of the room, that was holding together and connecting apparently very distant horizons, atmospheres and works. A symbolic, conciliatory violin, acted as a counterbalance to the opposites, where they are represented through enchantment and the symbolism of music, like a sound painting, a concert of images to explore the potential for connection between music, fashion and cinema.

MAHAUD PARIS opened the show with the “Musae” collection, celebrating women’s empowerment and rejecting imposed ideals of perfection. The collection, made from recycled socks and tights, featured light, airy outfits with transparencies, ruffles and bows, along with formal pieces such as suits. The models and their poses on the catwalk were inspired by ancient marble statues, standing still for an instant, to make the viewer reflect on their seduction and beauty.

Sustainability, which has become part of the daily language in the world of fashion, inspires the G STARS KIDS “Eco-Street” collection, where the theme of recycling is reflected through the eco-conscious creativity of the designer. Mixing vintage with modern trends for sustainable fashion for children, combining street style with environmental concern, G STARS KIDS is adapting classic adult looks for children. The designer combines practicality and originality, enhancing the energy of childhood with vibrant colors, bringing joy and fun to eco-friendly clothing.

The “Timeless” collection by HAIFA G. suggested to the public a sense of elegance, quality and timeless style, rooted in the tradition of fashion, combining versatility with seasonal trends. Each piece was created with colors selected to evoke emotion, from tailored trouser suits to dresses with asymmetric cuts, addressing the modern woman who appreciates glamor but also the durability of her wardrobe.

VALIDE SULTAN garments materialized like living canvases on the empty “canvas” of the mannequin, where lace, mesh, fabrics, pearls and crystals are organically intertwined in a single fabric, handmade from the first seam to the masterpiece the final. No dress is the same, guaranteeing exclusivity for women seeking uniqueness and luxury.

The F/W 2025 “Feminine Power” collection presented by Georgian designer LEM was a revolutionary collection celebrating female resilience and strength. The inspiration for this collection is drawn from the formidable stories of women affected by violence, shaping a narrative that intertwines vulnerability and power.

NAZ MAER, the famous Russian designer who in the past worked for Jean Paul Gaultier, arrived from France with the new collection of evening dresses “Grace” to present at Milan Fashion Week. His dream collection was an invitation to immerse yourself in the fairy kingdom of elegance.

Brand HEEYONGHeE from Korea, founded by Shin Hee-Yong, the creative director and chief designer, presented the Autumn/Winter 2025 collection, “A Blissful Birthday”, taking inspiration from visual objects, conceptual art and her emotions, aiming to integrate art and fashion, presenting a contemporary and imaginative cultural perspective. The designer concluded the event by sending a model down the catwalk with a birthday cake that lit up the hearts of spectators with the faint light of candles.

At the end of the show, a shower of confetti flooded the stage, concluding the fashion show with a cocktail party soaked in prosecco and caviar canapés, leaving the audience with unforgettable memories and the anticipation for the release of the documentary film on Fashion Vibes.

Fashion Vibes is very thankful to all those who participated in the show by supporting the talent of designers, as well as the Belarusian violinist Neringa Baciulinaite, the Accademia del Lusso fashion and design school, and the precious support of the Academia BSI make-up institute, which curated the backstage. Last but not least, thanks to the special guest, DJ/Artist Rica Coelho from New York, who took care of the music during the show.


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