Flying Solo Innovative Platform for Fashion Designers at Paris Fashion Week. The Accessories.

Flying Solo, the inventive collaboration of fashion artisans, stole the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week with a dazzling presentation at La Galerie Bourbon on February 29th, 2024.

As one of the most eagerly awaited occurrences in the worldwide fashion agenda, Paris Fashion Week provided the ideal stage for Flying Solo to captivate audiences with its wide-ranging assortment of avant-garde accessories and designs. Hosted at the iconic La Galerie Bourbon, the event marked a significant moment for the collective, famed for its support of emerging talent and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Attendees were treated to a spellbinding exhibition of skill and ingenuity as Flying Solo unveiled its latest accessory collection, featuring a captivating blend of styles, textures, and shapes. From daring couture pieces to urban-inspired ready-to-wear, each accessory highlighted the collective’s dedication to celebrating uniqueness and diversity in the realm of fashion.

Under the creative guidance of Alina Kotsiuba, Lead Stylist of the show, each accessory was flawlessly styled, demonstrating the collective’s dedication to crafting cohesive and impactful ensembles. From daring couture pieces to urban-inspired ready-to-wear, each outfit was meticulously curated, seamlessly integrating clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories into wearable masterpieces.

Flying Solo’s presence at Paris Fashion Week reaffirms its status as a pioneer in the field, committed to empowering fashion artisans and nurturing creativity within the fashion community. With a vision to democratize the fashion landscape and promote inclusivity, Flying Solo continues to elevate fashion talent on a global scale.

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GlueGlue Moda Praia Ltda

Nataly Barcellos, a former marketer turned designer, founded GlueGlue, a sun protection brand, in 2015 after crafting sun visors as a hobby. The brand, officially established in 2018, quickly gained popularity, offering stylish and exclusive sun protection solutions. GlueGlue’s Al Mare Collection, introduced in 2019, not only provides sun protection but also offers tailored solutions for both men and women, integrating sun-protective and stylish turbans for those dealing with hair loss. Nataly’s journey emphasizes empowerment and inclusivity, with GlueGlue endorsed by dermatologists and stocked in top Brazilian malls, hotels, and beach stores. Nataly’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs focuses on passion, innovation, financial resilience, and adaptability.


Each bag from Fundao draws inspiration from nature, with design origins rooted in Milan and materials ethically sourced from various regions in Italy. The debut collection showcases the exquisite beauty of natural freshwater pearls, renowned for their uniqueness and captivating formation. Handpicked from Phuket, the birthplace of the founder, these pearls symbolize the brand’s commitment to natural elegance and authenticity. Fundao transcends being a mere collection of bags; it represents a connection to the natural world, infusing vitality and life into each product.

n!ne Handbags

The collaboration of n!ne handbags by Rebecca A Hill and her father, Tim, commenced in 2010, originating as a silversmithing venture primarily crafting tableware. Despite their global recognition and numerous accolades, they sought to expand their artistic horizons and redefine the perception of silversmithing. Rebecca’s pregnancy hiatus from the silver workshop led to a creative exploration of textiles, a field she had previously studied alongside metalwork during her design education. Venturing into leather craftsmanship during this period revealed a newfound passion, inspiring the development of innovative bag forms that complement the body’s curves elegantly. Utilizing leather’s structural versatility, these distinctive shapes became a hallmark across n!ne’s collections, ranging from day bags to evening purses and crossbody styles. With the birth of n!ne after nine months of pregnancy, Rebecca and Tim’s dedication to material exploration extended beyond leather to include silver, domestic and exotic woods, and found objects intricately integrated into each bag’s handles. Embracing a philosophy centered on design and individuality, n!ne eschews overt branding, prioritizing unique silhouettes that resonate with the wearer. Drawing inspiration from natural forms, their creations reflect a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and reverence for nature’s beauty.

Tamara Von Arx (Swiss Couture)

Tamara Von Arx introduces herself as the owner and founder of the Swiss Couture Brand Tamara Von Arx, specializing in creating high couture bags handmade in Switzerland. With a background in luxury design, Tamara’s passion for craftsmanship and fine materials led her to venture into creating her own line of handbags and accessories. The concept behind her brand emphasizes sustainability and uniqueness, with each piece in the upcoming collection meticulously handmade in Switzerland using upcycled rare materials. Inspired by her admiration for nature and animal life, the new collection showcases Tamara’s dedication to creating timeless and environmentally conscious creations. Her advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to stay true to their vision, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and persistence in pursuing one’s dreams.

Borboleta bag

Veronica Race, hailing from a mixed Thai-American background, spent her formative years in Bangkok before pursuing education in the US, Italy, and France. As the founder and designer of Borboleta, established in 2012, Veronica champions sustainability and animal welfare in fashion. Utilizing durable microfiber leather, she crafts each Borboleta bag to be a stylish and functional companion for the modern woman. Inspired by her love of travel and exploration, Veronica’s designs embody a commitment to ethical production and cruelty-free materials. Borboleta’s upcoming collection, “Fairy,” draws inspiration from fairytales and enchanted stories, infusing whimsical details like scallop trims and butterfly wing shapes into classic silhouettes. This collection serves as a beacon of hope and joy, encouraging wearers to find magic in everyday moments. Veronica’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to stay true to their beliefs, embrace failure as part of the journey, and enjoy the process of building a brand that reflects their authentic selves.

Hala & Tatiana

Hala & Tatiana emerges as a dynamic and lively fashion accessories brand, conceived in 2018 by entrepreneur Hala AlSharekh and interior architect Tatiana Shelala. Infusing their personal flair into each piece, Hala and Tatiana strive to craft culturally resonant, iconic, and fashionable accessories. Their collaboration fosters a creative exploration of design and identity, empowering them as modern women and designers to redefine contemporary style.


Located in Toronto, Shop SHNDY stands out as a women-owned jewelry brand curated by the talented designer Shindy. Renowned for its commitment to ethical sourcing and craftsmanship, the brand offers a diverse range of jewelry pieces, including items sourced from local artisans, high-quality creations with remarkable longevity, and even vintage or refurbished pieces, all infused with Shindy’s signature touch of love. Recently, amidst the glamour of Paris Fashion Week, Shop SHNDY unveiled its latest collection, featuring stunning jewelry crafted from gold and adorned with exquisite jade stones. This showcase not only highlights the brand’s dedication to luxury and elegance but also underscores its presence on the global fashion stage.

LNB Jewellery

Introducing LNB JEWELLERY, a rising star in the realm of luxury bijoux, offering exquisitely crafted pieces designed to make a statement. Each piece is meticulously handmade, featuring precious stones elegantly set in gold or rhodium plating. Attention to detail is paramount, with careful consideration given to color variations to ensure each jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind. With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, LNB JEWELLERY promises to elevate any ensemble with its stunning and distinctive creations.

DBL Jewelry

Liv Portio, the visionary behind DBL Jewelry, introduces a unique concept of Modern Spiritual Jewelry infused with the essence of the Philippine Islands. Motivated by a desire to bring positivity into daily life amidst the hustle and bustle of modern society, Liv draws inspiration from crystal energies and cultural traditions to create jewelry that transcends mere adornment. With a focus on amulets and gemstones renowned for their healing properties, DBL Jewelry serves as a reminder of the power of self-care and spiritual balance through fashion. Rooted in the concept of “agimats,” traditional Filipino amulets imbued with energy for healing and protection, DBL Jewelry offers wearers daily companions on their journey towards happiness and fulfillment. Each collection is a testament to timeless traditions and cultural beliefs, with the latest inspired by Liv’s transformative journey in Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula, known for its long and joyful living. Through DBL Jewelry, Liv seeks to share the essence of “pura vida” – the pure life – and inspire individuals to embrace balance, vitality, and inner peace. To aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Liv advises establishing a clear purpose and nurturing strong roots to stay connected to the brand’s essence and vision. With steadfast dedication and unwavering commitment, one can continue to bloom and create art that resonates with the soul.

189. Joalheria Contemporânea Brasileira

Stephanie Perla, a jeweller, teacher, and the visionary behind 189. Joalheria Contemporânea Brasileira, introduces herself as a creative force deeply rooted in the fusion of fashion and goldsmithing. With academic expertise from Santa Marcelina College, Alchimia in Italy, and Central Saint Martins in London, Stephanie crafts artisanal, sustainable jewelry reflecting Brazil’s natural richness. Through her brand, she aims to express the essence of Brazilian identity. The “Vale da Lua” collection, inspired by Chapada dos Veadeiros, showcases the grandeur of Brazil, emphasizing sustainability and slow design principles. Stephanie encourages a teaching approach that fosters creativity, promoting a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and consciousness. Her advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is rooted in defining a brand’s purpose, maintaining authenticity, and building connections with a community that shares similar values.

The Brand Shaker by Anita Brand

Anita Brand, the visionary founder and head designer of Shaker Jewelry, introduces a captivating jewelry line rooted in her passion for both jewelry and cosmetics. The brand’s essence revolves around “Affordable Luxury,” embodying elegant and feminine elements suitable for daily wear or special occasions, curated for women with a keen sense of style. Anita’s journey into jewelry creation began with her love for handmade pieces, driven by the frequent inquiries about her own jewelry choices. The concept of Shaker Jewelry is encapsulated in the motto of “Affordable Luxury,” offering timeless pieces with a twist and a generous sprinkle of sparkle at accessible prices for all. The inspiration for the new collection stems from Anita’s fascination with stones, particularly colored ones, sculpted into unique forms uncommon in the market. Living in Greece for the past 20 years infuses her designs with the vibrant colors of summer. To aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Anita offers straightforward advice: “Just do it!” Acknowledging the years of hard work and dedication required, she emphasizes that with a great product, patience, and persistence, success is inevitable.

Lecarle Jewels

LeCarle emerges from a profound passion and an insatiable quest for meaning, believing that jewelry serves as a canvas to express art and culture. Rejecting the notion of being confined by seasonal trends, LeCarle is driven by a commitment to passion, delicacy, and reverence for the curation of each piece, aiming to create works that transcend time and evoke enduring value. Acknowledging the fragility of raw material extraction in the jewelry industry, LeCarle is dedicated to addressing social and environmental concerns inherent in the world. The brand recognizes its responsibility to respect and preserve resources, striving to recycle, replace, and imbue new significance into the art of jewelry-making. With a steadfast dedication to sustainability and innovation, LeCarle endeavors to redefine the boundaries of jewelry craftsmanship while promoting ethical practices and enduring beauty.


Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Majené, a women-led company founded by a group of sisters passionate about jewelry, draws inspiration from their family gold mine to share Indonesia’s rich culture and heritage globally. Majené specializes in 9k and 14k gold jewelry with precious stones, emphasizing ethical and transparent practices. CEO Roberta Nitiyudo Kartasasmita, a law graduate and mother of three, brings over 16 years of fashion industry experience to the brand. Inspired by Indonesia’s exotic archipelago, Majené aims to intertwine the country’s beauty with their timeless and ethically sourced fine gold jewelry. The brand’s first collection, Heirloom of the Land, pays homage to Indonesia’s terrains, highlighting the volcanic landscapes as a source of creation. Majené advises aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to identify market needs, fill gaps, and maintain uniqueness for a competitive edge in the industry.

Die By Fashion Limited

Die by Fashion was brought to life by Rasheeda Socolove in 2015, although the company remained dormant for a brief period until she crystallized her vision. Serving as a jack of all trades, Mrs. Socolove ventured into the realm of shoe design, crafting a unique line manufactured in Italy. Her innovative approach involved infusing distinct materials and colors onto a base shoe model, complemented by her signature logos—an endeavor known in fashion circles as a white label. Through meticulous design concepts, these creations were meticulously communicated to Italian manufacturers, who brought them to fruition. Rasheeda Socolove attributes her success to the unwavering support of her family and her faith in a higher power. As a prominent figure in the world of celebrity designers, she showcases her collections on runways and in stores across iconic fashion hubs such as New York City, Paris, Milan, and Miami, USA.


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