Flying Solo, the Innovative Collective of Fashion Designers, Took Center Stage at Paris Fashion Week With a Spectacular Showcase at La Galerie Bourbon on February 29th, 2024

As one of the most anticipated events in the global fashion calendar, Paris Fashion Week provided the perfect platform for Flying Solo to shine, captivating audiences with its diverse array of cutting-edge designs. Held at the iconic La Galerie Bourbon, the showcase marked a milestone moment for the collective, renowned for championing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Attendees were treated to a mesmerizing display of craftsmanship and innovation as Flying Solo unveiled its latest collection, featuring a captivating fusion of styles, textures, and silhouettes. From avant-garde couture to street-inspired ready-to-wear, each garment showcased the collective’s commitment to celebrating individuality and diversity in fashion.

Under the creative direction of Alina Kotsiuba, Head Stylist of the show, each garment was impeccably styled, showcasing the collective’s commitment to creating cohesive and impactful looks. From avant-garde couture to street-inspired ready-to-wear, each ensemble was carefully curated, harmonizing clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories into works of art.

Flying Solo’s showcase at Paris Fashion Week reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the industry, dedicated to empowering fashion designers and fostering creativity in the fashion community. With a mission to democratize the fashion industry and promote inclusivity, Flying Solo continues to elevate emerging talent on a global scale.

Photo by Jules Roques @julesroques

Via Moscato

Olivia, founder of Via Moscato, shared her vision for the all-inclusive lingerie brand, emphasizing its adjustable designs catering to diverse body sizes. Inspired by her own struggle to find well-fitting clothing as a tall, slim woman, Olivia sought to create garments where every size feels comfortable and confident. With a core message advocating for clothing that conforms to the individual, rather than the other way around, Via Moscato celebrates body positivity and inclusivity. Olivia’s latest collection echoes this ethos, showcasing unique pieces designed to embrace the beauty of all body types. Offering advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Olivia underscores the importance of forging authentic connections with clients who share the brand’s values, highlighting the significance of passion and inspiration in building a successful fashion business. Through Via Moscato, Olivia continues to champion inclusivity and empowerment, revolutionizing the fashion industry with every garment she creates.


Sacer, an Egyptian advocacy brand, specializes in sustainable, ethical, and eco-conscious streetwear. As a women-owned and women-led business, Sacer prides itself on promoting female entrepreneurship and empowerment, with approximately 75% of its team comprising women. Their collections feature upcycled garments crafted from 100% GOTS certified Organic Egyptian cotton, ensuring softness, breathability, and vibrant colors in a wide range of inclusive styles. With a transparent and fully traceable supply chain from seed to closet, Sacer goes beyond eco-conscious products to advocate for marginalized groups, particularly focusing on mental health awareness and supporting relevant organizations.


Abigail Griswold, the creative force behind ABI (ae . bee . ai), unfolds her journey from learning to sew in the 7th grade to becoming an apparel designer. With a background in gymnastics, her shift to Rhode Island School of Design after a back injury marked the beginning of her unique approach to fashion. Inspired by the human form, ABI blends Shapewear elements, Sportswear functionality, Streetwear attitude, and a touch of Luxe. Abigail’s latest collection innovatively combines traditionally mismatched fabrics, reimagining staples like denim. The collection’s standout feature is the meticulously crafted patterns that seamlessly drape around the human form, reflecting Abigail’s commitment to unique luxury athletic-inspired designs. Offering advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Abigail emphasizes building confidence, steering clear of trends, and staying authentically true to one’s design language, all while maintaining a consistent creative journey.


Former military officer, Fleur Duvareille, transitioned into entrepreneurship two years ago, founding a children’s clothing line named after her sons, “Cameron & Lewis.” Despite her longstanding passion for fashion, her military career initially hindered her pursuit of this dream. It wasn’t until 2015 that she seriously contemplated starting her own brand, and in 2019, she finally realized her vision with the launch of “CameronS Lewis.” Prioritizing comfort and quality, Duvareille crafts her garments from soft, 100% organic cotton, aligning with her preference for casual and popular “streetwear” styles suitable for everyday wear. Her journey from military service to fashion entrepreneurship exemplifies determination and the pursuit of one’s passions.


The S&B brand, curated as a culmination of life experiences, goes beyond being a mere product. Originating from the Parisian suburbs, the founder’s journey, marked by challenges and self-discovery, is embodied in the brand’s heart-themed T-shirts. These hearts, each representing a unique entity, aim to share emotions of happiness, joy, hope, and fraternity. S&B encourages the expression of one’s true self, promoting family balance, love, and tolerance. The brand serves as a symbol of cohesion and love, empowering individuals to cultivate their own identity without societal constraints. The emphasis is on daring to be oneself, with S&B providing a diverse range of characters for self-assertion and embracing individuality. Inspired by the unknown and human creativity, the brand’s eco-friendly concept promotes fashion that is both sustainable and stylish. The founder’s advice to aspiring clothing brand creators is to persevere, stay true to their initial idea, and continually innovate. S&B aims to be a catalyst for personal growth, contributing to a better world filled with love, joy, and beauty.


Don Robertson, the visionary founder behind SECONDLEFT, introduces a versatile fashion and lifestyle brand that transcends boundaries, originally hailing from Australia and now spanning sizes from xxs to 4xl worldwide. Driven by a deep-seated passion for arts and a belief in the empowering nature of personal expression through fashion, Don envisioned a brand that offers a comprehensive range, from athleisure to ready-to-wear, catering to diverse tastes. Embracing inclusivity and diversity, SECONDLEFT emphasizes on-trend pieces accessible to everyone, fostering a sense of community. The inspiration for the new collection lies in the fusion of genres and genders, championing the concept of genderless fashion within the athleisure realm. Don’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs emphasizes individual journeys, urging them to trust their instincts and start small, drawing wisdom from his wife, Matilda.


Jashaan Singh Gill, the visionary behind Jheez, is a Birmingham native with a lifelong passion for fashion. As the first British Punjabi to grace New York Fashion Week, he’s pioneered a luxury streetwear brand that blends urban elegance with sustainability. Jheez breaks boundaries, celebrating diversity and urging individuals to embrace their uniqueness. The latest collection draws inspiration from city vibrancy and youthful spirit, fusing traditional and contemporary design. Jashaan’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: stay true to your vision, embrace risks, and ensure your brand stands for something meaningful. Jheez is not just about style; it’s about storytelling and making a positive impact in the fashion world.

Come On

Come On is genderless, timeless, and ageless. Established in 2019 in Miami, this versatile clothing brand is inspired by punk culture and surrealism. Come On’s designs are classic and defiant, applying a modern twist to heritage tailoring traditions. Come On’s vision is to erase the rules that determine why, how, and where each piece should be worn. For those thirsty for a fashion experience that’s different from the norm, for those seeking the classic style of a well-made suit while maintaining a ludic spirit, for those committed to responsible production and responsible consumption.


Founded in 2016 by Phurichonrada Makumpai and Vorakorn Kijkanjanakul, Twotwice is a Bangkok-based fashion brand that embraces unique details celebrating the inner strengths of women. The brand originated from the observation that women sought simplicity coupled with exceptional design. Twotwice caters to this demand by offering durable, high-quality clothing with a timeless yet distinctive appeal. The concept of the brand revolves around timelessness, blending formal and casual elements, and challenging gender norms by creating clothing that transcends traditional boundaries. The latest collection, ‘Classic Tempo,’ is inspired by the eternal nature of time, presenting the idea of “New Classic.” This term encapsulates the brand’s belief in combining the allure of the new with enduring classic styles, reflecting confidence, uniqueness, and forward movement. For aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Twotwice encourages solid business planning, product identity development, and, above all, a deep passion and love for fashion as the keys to success.


Francini_K, a luxury women’s clothing brand, emerged from the creative vision of its founder after a distinguished career as a lawyer. Following fashion studies in Paris, Francini embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, establishing the brand in 2022. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant styles of the sixties, Francini_K offers short, colorful, and structured looks tailored for modern women. Inspired by her accolades as the laureate of her Parisian school in 2021, Francini’s brand ethos revolves around creating the wardrobe of her dreams, uniquely blending elegance with practicality. With a focus on active women seeking timeless elegance, Francini_K’s upcoming collection promises an innovative fusion of fabrics and technical materials, ensuring both comfort and sophistication. Francini emphasizes the importance of creativity, endurance, and leadership as essential skills for fashion entrepreneurs, offering advice to aspiring designers to maintain clarity of goals, self-belief, and courage when venturing into the competitive fashion industry.


Nikole Dalton, the visionary behind wearNIKI, traces her passion for fashion back to childhood, inspired by runway shows and early experiences with her aunt, a designer. wearNIKI, a boutique cut-and-sew label based on the West Coast of the United States, crafts wardrobe for victorious women. The brand thrives on domestic production, offering customization to meet the client’s desire for quality and distinctiveness. wearNIKI represents a Winning Lifestyle Brand, where every garment is a piece of victory. For Nikole, wearNIKI is an experiment in building her dream life, aiming to inspire others to do the same. The brand’s concept centers on victory, drawing inspiration from the triumph and liberation found in committing to integrity. The upcoming collection takes inspiration from the California Gold Rush, blending historical elements and political intrigue to offer a fresh take on the western theme. Nikole’s advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is simple: follow your heart and do what it calls for.


LD-13 draws its design inspiration from the vibrant and eclectic communities of global cities such as NYC and Paris, as well as from the rich tapestry of cultures found beyond. Embracing a myriad of perspectives and influences, our designs reflect the diverse lifestyles, traditions, and landscapes encountered around the world. With meticulous attention to detail, our versatile pieces are crafted to cater to the varied needs and preferences of urban metropolitan dwellers and rural farming communities alike. At LD-13, we champion a sustainable lifestyle ethos of “MORE FROM LESS,” encouraging individuals to embrace quality, versatility, and conscious consumption in their everyday wardrobe choices.

Sadie James Hat Co

Chelsea Edmonds, the visionary behind Sadie James Hat Co., emerges as both Owner and Lead Designer, crafting a narrative of bespoke hat design that began in 2020. Fueled by an unwavering passion for art and a desire to challenge conventional fashion, Chelsea’s journey took a transformative turn upon encountering the art of hat-making in a compelling video. Sadie James Hat Co. stands as a testament to her dedication to creating enduring and distinctive hats. Encouraging wearers to embrace individuality boldly, the brand’s latest collection, “The Lost Girl,” narrates a personal journey of breaking free from societal norms. Symbolic elements like locks, chains, and keys underscore the theme of liberation and self-discovery. Chelsea’s advice for budding fashion entrepreneurs centers on creating pieces fueled by passion, proudly wearing and sharing their creations, and cultivating the confidence that resonates with others. It’s this inner magic that forms the foundation for a flourishing and impactful brand.

Le Majique

Esra Sertcelik, the visionary founder of the Le Majique brand, made a striking debut at Paris Fashion Week with the unveiling of the brand’s inaugural collection, DIVINE FEMME. The collection immediately captivated audiences with its vibrant array of sequins, bold red hues, and vibrant pop colors. Each piece exuded a sense of allure and sophistication, reflecting Esra Sertcelik’s unique vision and creative prowess. The DIVINE FEMME collection marked a significant milestone for Le Majique, setting the stage for the brand’s continued success and innovation in the world of fashion.

Halynka Shunevych

Halyna Shunevych, the visionary behind the exclusive and elegant Halyna Shunevych brand, brings the enchanting spirit of Prykarpattia’s Ukrainian fairy to Paris. Her creations are a harmonious blend of traditional Ukrainian ornaments and modern fashion trends on natural and eco-friendly fabrics. Inspired by the mystical nature of the Carpathians, Halyna infuses her embroidered clothes with the essence of the forest and mythical creatures. Each product is a manifestation of her fantasies and designer art, crafted meticulously by her hands, reflecting individuality and love. Despite temporarily suspending activities due to the Russian invasion, Halyna found inspiration in global support, creating special embroidered shirts for world leaders as a token of gratitude. Her journey includes participation in fashion shows worldwide and media recognition, driving her to create the poignant collection “This is my soul” amidst war, showcasing Ukraine’s resilience, indomitability, and the beauty of embroidery as a creative weapon. Halyna’s message: Listen to your heart, create, and only then will you discover the possibilities that await.

Naaye Brahm

Nayé Diabira, founder and Creative Director of Naayé Brahm, introduces a sustainable luxury brand that blends authentic hand-woven fabrics with masterful tailoring, offering exclusive and sophisticated women’s outfits. Inspired by her West African heritage, global travels, and engineering background, Nayé launched the brand to combine elegant Western designs with traditional craftsmanship. The brand’s concept centers on craftsmanship, sustainability, and luxury, creating universal pieces of art with hand-made West African fabrics. The new collection celebrates universal beauty and femininity, showcasing fabrics from Benin, Nigeria, Austria, and Spain. Nayé advises aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to trust their intuition, plan thoroughly, and embark on a meaningful journey that brings fulfillment and contributes to the world.

Ricardo Bernardino

Ricardo Bernardino, hailing from Portugal but rooted in Switzerland, radiates optimism and a passion for designing vibrant shirts, reflecting his sunny personality. Fashion, for him, is an artistic symphony of color, elegance, and character. Ricardo weaves stories between fashion and art, creating high-end collections with luxurious fabrics and skilled craftspeople. Inspired by various life periods, travels, encounters, and moods, his collections emanate joy and creative freedom. Rediscovering his childhood passion for textile creation at 33, he launched his brand, driven by a desire to spread happiness and positive energy. His motto, “sun is shining,” encapsulates the brand’s objective to showcase the brighter side of life. The concept involves blending colorful art with fashion, often through collaborations with artists. His inaugural collection, “SEA TO SILK,” in collaboration with painter Michel Deville, transcends fashion by revealing a 70-year artistic legacy, making it a special and meaningful endeavor. Ricardo’s advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs emphasizes uniqueness, unwavering belief in one’s vision, and perseverance in the pursuit of their brand.


Anisa Afkir and her brand, Boudoir. With Moroccan roots and a background in managerial roles, Anisa’s journey led her back to her passion for fashion, culminating in the birth of Boudoir at 41. Inspired by the historical significance of the boudoir as a sanctuary for women, Boudoir represents a fusion of tradition and modern elegance, celebrating femininity and empowering women. Anisa’s vision is to connect women with their unique beauty and inner strength, honoring both history and the present. Every aspect of Boudoir reflects Anisa’s Moroccan heritage and her belief in female empowerment. Her advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to take the first step, surround themselves with supportive individuals, and embrace the creative journey with passion and determination, allowing their dreams to flourish naturally.


Jun Mardian, the Creative Director of (X)SML, transitioned from a corporate career to entrepreneurship, infusing analytical skills with creative flair. (X)SML, a pioneer in Indonesia’s fashion, prioritizes unique designs for diverse sizes. After success at Tokyo Fashion Week, (X)SML aims for global presence, promoting sustainability in fashion with eco-friendly practices. The Fall/Winter 2024 Terra collection focuses on upcycling traditional Japanese kimono and Indonesian batik, aligning with a circular fashion ecosystem. Mardian urges resilience and sustainability in the industry, emphasizing reuse and recycling to mitigate environmental impact while showcasing a blend of Japanese and Indonesian cultures in fashion.

First Colours

First Colours is dedicated to making sustainable fashion accessible, inclusive, and exciting. Sustainability is at the core of our mission, as we strive to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business model, from using recycled, deadstock, certified organic, or natural materials in our pieces to utilizing recycled materials for our tags and packaging. We reject the traditional fashion calendar in favor of creating timeless pieces rather than rushing to produce vast quantities. While our current size range is limited to sizes 6-20 due to production costs, we acknowledge the need for inclusivity and are actively working to expand our size range with each new collection. Our supply chain spans from China to Sydney, Australia, and we prioritize transparency, welcoming questions and feedback as we continue to learn and grow. At First Colours, we believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury, and we are committed to making it accessible to all.

Omni The Label

Omni The Label was created by a European expat living in the Middle East for over two decades.The inspiration behind the brand came from the founder’s appreciation for Arabic culture mixed with European design.The quotes seen on each and every garment will inspire you daily and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd in a very authentic way.
The brand sources its materials from recognised Italian manufacturers and produces its garments in Europe.Omni The Label quickly gained popularity by its unique and distinguished design and was featured in a number of magazines including British Vogue.

Mariella B Green

Mariella B. Green embodies a professional challenge driven by a profound love for the sea and a strong commitment to social change. Born from a pivotal moment in its founder’s life, the brand represents a journey of transformation, empowerment, and embracing authenticity. With a focus on celebrating the true essence of women, Mariella B. Green tells a story of both small and monumental revolutions, resonating with those who have dared to embark on their own paths of change. Mariella herself designed the costumes, drawing inspiration from her own body’s evolution and envisioning them as a canvas for self-expression and growth. Each garment is meticulously crafted to embrace and enhance the wearer’s unique shape, with sustainability at its core. From utilizing recycled materials sourced from ghost fishing nets to investing in local communities and promoting social change, Mariella B. Green is a testament to the power of conscious fashion and meaningful storytelling. Through every stitch, the brand empowers women to rewrite their narratives and embrace their journey of transformation, one step at a time.

Elena Navarro Atelier

Elena Navarro Atelier emerged in Zaragoza in 2019, as a personal venture by the director of Love Story Novias boutique, dedicated to designing and crafting bridal and guest dresses. Each year, we unveil seasonal collections that prioritize quality, delicacy, and artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring that every garment embodies uniqueness for those special moments. While we stay abreast of new trends, our designs remain timeless, continually expanding to cater to the preferences of brides and guests. Our made-to-measure models are meticulously crafted entirely in-house, from conception to production, allowing for personalized touches that reflect the individual style and taste of our clients. Moreover, for those harboring a long-held vision, we offer bespoke design services, creating exclusive looks using materials sourced from local or national suppliers to champion the Spanish brand.


Established in 2014 by Khadeeja Alsunaidi in Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, IKH marks a transformative stride in the world of fashion. Equipped with a higher education degree and an innate flair for design, Alsunaidi’s journey in fashion began at a tender age, sewing her inaugural dress at 10. Drawing inspiration from the fashion capitals of France, Italy, and Lebanon, she has honed her skills under the tutelage of industry luminaries, crafting a unique ethos that melds tradition with innovation. At the helm of IKH, Alsunaidi’s commitment to empowering women radiates through each creation, epitomizing artistry and sophistication. Characterized by quality, originality, and a distinct Saudi essence, IKH stands as a beacon of excellence in the global fashion arena.

Elmadawy New York

Renowned fashion designer ELMADAWY New York, helmed by Egyptian visionary Mohamed Elmadawy, epitomizes allure and transformation in haute couture for the modern, empowered woman. Elmadawy’s innovative and daring designs exude femininity and fierceness, boasting a subversive style that embodies sophistication. Originally renowned for his expertise in accessory design, Elmadawy garnered international acclaim during his tenure at Cairo’s esteemed Soucha Fashion House, where his creative genius defined the brand’s collections for nearly a decade. With an unmistakable penchant for powerful and sensual creations, Elmadawy’s influence on the couture landscape is undeniable. Now, on a platform of inspiration, evolution, and reimagination, ELMADAWY New York emerges as a highly wearable and feminine collection for the globally chic.

Maison Clad

Maison Clad, a fashion haven founded by the discerning fashion buyer Coralie Francois, renowned for her stints at prestigious labels like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney. Maison Clad was born out of Coralie’s quest to bring her favorite European brands to Dubai, where she noticed a gap in the market. With an eye for emerging talent, Coralie curates an exclusive selection of 40 rising European designers, offering wardrobe essentials and statement pieces alike. Evolving to meet the diverse needs of her clientele, Maison Clad has expanded to include sections for sportswear, lingerie, beachwear, and children’s clothing, evolving into a full-fledged concept store. In 2022, Coralie took her vision to the next level with the launch of her own fashion label, WhiteHello. Inspired by her years of experience and thousands of customer interactions, WhiteHello offers weekly collections of unique pieces, all handmade in their Dubai atelier with a focus on sustainability and limited edition designs. Coralie’s personal touch ensures each piece is tried, tested, and tailored to perfection, blending elegance with functionality. The latest collection draws inspiration from Coralie’s childhood as a ballet dancer, infusing a sporty twist into the brand’s signature elegance. With a commitment to conscious production and a dedication to empowering women through fashion, WhiteHello stands out as a beacon of style and sustainability in the fashion world.

KROHN – Nordic Powersuits

Introducing KROHN, the pioneering Norwegian slow-fashion brand spearheaded by business executive Anita Krohn Traaseth. Founded in 2022 and pre-launched in February 2023 with an official launch scheduled for 2024, KROHN is not just introducing a new brand but creating an entirely new category: Nordic Powersuits. With a bold and rebellious yet sophisticated Nordic approach, KROHN delivers high-quality, unisex, seasonless suits and more, prioritizing competence, character, and clothing in that specific order. By redefining seasons with facts, hacks, and tools for people with drive, KROHN aims to encourage individuals to ‘Claim Your Space’. To tackle one of fashion’s biggest problems, overproduction, KROHN suits are available for pre-order only. Located in Oslo, Norway, the KROHN showroom offers a firsthand experience by appointment. Anchored by Anita Krohn Traaseth’s 25 years of leadership experience and her dedication to reshaping the power balance in business, KROHN represents a continuation of her mission to level the playing field for leadership, blending fashion with empowerment and sustainability.

PS Fashion

Slađana Pantović, the visionary behind PS fashion, a distinguished women’s fashion brand hailing from Serbia since 1996. With an unwavering commitment to serving the modern, successful woman, Pantović infuses her designs with authenticity and uniqueness, catering to those who exude confidence and self-assurance. Inspired by her family’s entrepreneurial background, Pantović embarked on a journey to realize her childhood dream of creating a fashion empire. Today, PS Fashion stands as a testament to her passion and dedication, offering a platform for women to express themselves freely and embrace their individuality. Pantović’s latest collection is a fusion of past and future, an electrifying exploration of imagination and innovation that sets her brand apart. In every piece, Pantović captures the essence of modernity while honoring Serbia’s rich heritage, making each creation truly special and unique.

Mado Vigarok

Manuel Delgado, the creative force behind Mado Vigarok, introduces a haute couture label that stands out for its commitment to sustainability, social integration, and creativity. Inspired by his mother’s legacy as a skilled seamstress, Manuel turned to fashion during challenging times, aiming to fulfill his dreams. The brand’s concept revolves around offering unique, made-to-measure garments that discourage overproduction and promote individual expression. With the “HARMONIE” collection, Manuel envisions a symphony of elegance, freshness, and balance, combining tradition with modernity. His advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to stay true to their style and values, resist market pressures, find their unique voice, and enjoy the journey while using technology to amplify their work.

Maison De Hoe

VV Hanwei Su, the Chief Designer at Maison de Hoe, alongside lead fashion designer Kangqi Zou and textile designer Amber Qiu, leads a New York-based brand that debuted at FW23 New York Fashion Week, fusing cultural narratives with fashion innovation. With a notable fashion career and global recognition, the team challenges traditional views on femininity through humor and satire, creating a unique intersection of China’s grunge culture and feminine strength. Maison de Hoe’s mission is to bridge cultures and empower through fashion, bringing a powerful narrative of empowerment, elegance, and cultural synthesis. The latest collection, ‘Bloom Tear,’ draws inspiration from rural Chinese villages, challenging stereotypes and harmonizing elegance with grunge.

Ethan Kim

Ethan Kim, the creative force behind a distinguished fashion label nestled in the heart of New York City, specializing in couture-level evening wear since our emergence in February 2022. Inspired by a desire to evoke genuine emotional sensations and transport wearers into a realm of fantasy, our brand celebrates the strength, delicacy, and elegance of resilient women. Drawing from admiration for these qualities, our latest collection is inspired by the goddesses of Greek mythology, the Horae, orchestrating the transitions of nature. Infused with a deeply personal touch, each piece is meticulously crafted by Ethan’s hands, reflecting genuine passion and intimacy that sets this collection apart, offering unparalleled elegance and sophistication to our discerning clientele.

By Loleiro Atelier

Marisa Velázquez, the creative mind behind the Tenerife Moda designer brand By Loleiro, pours her inherited passion for millinery into every unique piece she designs at her atelier, where she personally attends to each client. A Sevillian by birth and a Tenerife native at heart, Marisa established her residence on the island in 2001 and has since become an integral part of the prestigious Tenerife Fashion program sponsored by the Cabildo of Tenerife. After self-teaching in millinery and further training at the Sevilla de Moda Millinery School, Marisa opened her first atelier in 2014 with the aim of reviving the traditional art of millinery. Since then, she has continuously honed her craft through masterclasses and specialized training to develop her own distinctive style. With a small team of dedicated professionals, By Loleiro has become known for its quality and craftsmanship, showcased on prestigious regional and national catwalks. Each handcrafted piece reflects a commitment to excellence and is proudly produced in the firm’s atelier in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, establishing By Loleiro as a leading fashion brand in the Canary Islands and a respected name in the accessories sector nationwide.


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