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Interview with Marc C. Møllerskov of Fine Chaos: Into the Future Imperfect

FINE CHAOS is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand founded in 2021 by Marc C. Møllerskov.

Renowned for its avant-garde approach and commitment to storytelling, the brand unveiled its latest creation at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The AW24 Collection, “Here, After, Eternity: Netherworld” continues the compelling story from the previous season, set in a post-apocalyptic, hyper-futuristic world of 2073.

We spoke to designer Marc C. Møllerskov about the story and collection.

Fine Chaos

Photos: Ionela Bona

Q: What inspired the “Here, After, Eternity: Netherworld” theme for the AW24 collection?

The collection’s story is a continuation of the previous one, the SS24. I have created a hypothetical scenario of where we’re going as the human species, where narcissism and hyper-capitalism has destroyed the bio culture on earth, and we’re now trapped in this post apocalyptic and hyper futuristic world, where one big brand runs everything, which is FINE CHAOS.

it’s a post apocalyptic and hyper futuristic world

In this scenario, the ‘Outlaws’ have overturned the FINE CHAOS reign, as they kept causing riot and exposing the working class by the fact, that they will never be climbing the ladder, which everyone in the middle / working class thought and was presented for by FINE CHAOS. So when truth was revealed, the middle class started rioting as well, and FINE CHAOS had no other choice then to surrender.

I could go on and write about this, as I have written a 30 page manuscript, but to put it shorter, the current landscape of politics, technology, culture and the movements within has inspired the overall storytelling.

I have written a 30 page manuscript

And then our local environment, the dialogues with our community, and my engagement in people in general. I love analyzing the everyday life of different people – that is where my crooked brain finds a red thread to take inspiration from, going across all sorts of social classes and communities thriving in Copenhagen.

Q: Can you explain the significance of the year 2073 in the context of this collection?

It was important for me to portray the evolution we’re seeing, with technology advancing, how we mistreat the planet’s resources, and to make it as realistic as possible. 50 years was my bet of when we will ‘potentially’ see this scenario folding out in the real world.

Q: How did FINE CHAOS approach the design process to reflect the post-apocalyptic and hyper-futuristic scenario?

Before I start collections, I write a text based around my thoughts of the topics of inspiration. In this case, the foundation of inspiration was post apocalyptic, and the hyper futuristic came along, as we as human species are ‘problem solvers’, and the only hope there is left in this hypothetical world is for technology to save us.

From there, I work with the key points in the text to design from, and then create garments that find their own spot in the storytelling.

I create garments that find their own spot in the storytelling

Q: What role does democracy and the power shift back to the people play in the new collection’s narrative?

It plays a big role, as it perfectly portrays the false promises and political play that our governments currently make. In the story, FINE CHAOS tells the people that the control is back to them, but in reality, FINE CHAOS have set up a perfect plan, which is the Netherworld, that forces the people to keep obeying FINE CHAOS.

Q: Could you delve into the concept of ‘The Netherworld’ plan and its impact on the collection’s theme?

‘The Netherworld’ is a digital world, which is a duplicate of the real world, but a much more perfect one. When/if people enter the Netherworld, they start with a million ‘FC$’ (the currency of the world), which is a lot for the people who used to be in the bottom of the social credit system. (The social credit system which was present in the SS24 storytelling). Therefore, a lot of people choose to follow FINE CHAOS’ new plan, as they hope for a better life and higher living standard.

‘The Netherworld’ is a duplicate of the real world

Q: What is the significance of the social credit system and the implanted chips in the storyline?

FINE CHAOS used the implanted chips to control the individual citizen. The social credit system was in place, to make sure the people obeyed the laws of the reign, and had no possibility of riot. But as the quote goes, ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’ some did go that far, and succeeded in overturning FINE CHAOS. The implanted chips then play a huge role after the overturn, as they are connected to the individual’s brain, and therefore when the chip is activated, the mind enters ‘The Netherworld’ and the person faints.

some succeeded in overturning FINE CHAOS

Q: Can you discuss the choice of materials and colors used to represent the contrasting worlds in the collection?

It a mix between very dark, grungy colors representing the mood of the ‘Outlaws’ (the people saying no to the FINE CHAOS Netherworld, and who lives in the Outerworld), and the overexposed bright colors, that reflects the ‘perfect’ life in The Netherworld. For the Netherworld items, you will find lighter and finer materials like wool, and for the Outlaw items you will find deconstructed, sometimes destroyed fabrics, still perfectly constructed to have a ‘fine chaotic’ balance, haha.

Q: How does the AW24 collection address the theme of individuality versus control?

By making it obvious how lured people can be. As soon as the individual regains control, they are presented with a new opportunity for a better life and an economic balance they never imagined, and then they’re willing to let go of the control. A portrayal of capitalism’s worst side.

Q: In what ways does the collection’s narrative reflect on current societal issues?

The huge gap there is between the social classes. The rich become richer and more privileged, the working class is stuck in their class, which for some individuals is completely fine, and the bottom class of the society struggles to get a decent living standard, with no access to education, opportunity career wise, or just complete suppression.

Q: How do you envision the digital world of The Netherworld influencing future FINE CHAOS collections?

The story will continue, how, I do not know before the next fashion show in August. Look out for that!

The story will continue before the next fashion show in August

Q: What message do you hope to convey to the audience through the AW24 collection’s narrative and designs?

We hope to create a dialogue surrounding the evolution of our society, and a revisit of values. To create a general reflection of how the collection’s narrative fits the current society we live in, and to hopefully inspire new conversations so we can prevent this from happening.

Q: How does the AW24 collection challenge conventional fashion norms and push the boundaries of storytelling in fashion?

Nowadays, clothing is more seen as an item of wealth and profit, instead of a piece of art. I’m not saying all clothes should be avant garde, but it should at least both have quality and identity, else it should not exist.


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