NeueHouse: A Decade of Evolution

In the heart of Manhattan’s bustling Flatiron District lies NeueHouse, a sanctuary for innovation and collaboration that recently marked its illustrious 10-year journey with an extravagant celebration. The membership club is providing the perfect solution for the three-day hybrid work week. Newly renovated with a podcast studio and brimming with multimedia prowess, NeueHouse pulled out all the stops for an unforgettable soirée in partnership with Lucid to celebrate in style.

The flagship location, nestled just east of Madison Square Park, was transformed into a multi-floor extravaganza, setting the stage for a vibrant tribute to a decade of achievement and community growth. From immersive art performances above the disco ball and dance floor to captivating musical acts, including the infectious beats of DJ MOJOXOJO and singer-songwriter Katini Yamaoka, in front of the iconic Spanish steps. The whole venue pulsated with a renaissance of artistic expression throughout. “When I joined Neuehouse, I remember feeling so inspired by the artistic culture, the deep sense of community, and the fluidity of magic that constantly brought people together to collaborate,” Yamaoka stated.

Stefanie Battan Bland, founder of Company SBB, activated several dancers across NeueHouse’s upper floors, as well as the Penthouse and Cinema by NeueHouse. She took storytelling to an entirely different level with the dancers, actors, and musicians talents evoking the narratives between work and creativitiy.
Bland’s additions to the NeueHouse cultural programming is in the likes of many exclusive collaborations with notable figures such as Ai Wei Wei, Andre Leo Talley, Chris Blackwell, Cynthia Rowley, David Duchovny, George Clinton, Graydon Carter, Jason Wu, Joan Juliet Buck, Julian Schnabel, Jon Batiste, Buck, Kelly Slater, Lee Jaffee, Lori Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Matthew Modine, Philip Glass, Quentin Tarantino, Wu Tang Clan, Virgil Abloh and many more. Members get to explore their curiosity about a myriad of subjects through guest speakers and performances like these while also making new connections.

Photo: Showroom Seven

Amidst the hustle and bustle of NeueHouse’s 10th anniversary bash, one couldn’t miss the effervescent presence of Sarita Tabarez, the dynamic General Manager. Tabarez orchestrates NeueHouse’s operations with finesse. From overseeing a staggering $6 million in renovations to spearheading the design of the brand-new Cinema by NeueHouse, lounge, restaurant, and exclusive member floors, Sarita’s vision has left an indelible mark on the NeueHouse experience.

In her capable hands, NeueHouse isn’t just a venue—it’s a lifestyle. As she continues to redefine luxury and hospitality, Sarita Tabarez remains the ultimate style maven behind the scenes, ensuring that every moment at NeueHouse is nothing short of extraordinary. She misses no detail, and went as far as personally designing the seating of the Gallery Restaurant to have plenty of corner seats, because everyone wants a corner.

Susanne Bohnet, film producer, gushed about the monumental steps Tabarez made to reinvigorate NeueHouse after Covid, saying, “The food is better than ever, the restaurant sees more customers than ever, and the incredible future-forward events are back to a crowd so big that it is impossible ever to get a seat unless anyone comes really early.”

As the celebration unfolded, it was evident that NeueHouse’s inclusive ethos had fostered a community of many unique, multifaceted A-listers and creatives over the last decade, including industry creative directors, publicists, producers, impact investors, F&B, hospitality and nightlife workers, and cultural curators. The recent 10-year blowout was an opportunity for these members to return the love back to their home away from home.

The membership application process at NeueHouse is a coveted gateway to an exclusive enclave of visionaries, where like-minded individuals converge to shape the future of creativity. It’s not just about joining a club—it’s about embracing a culture that celebrates innovation and excellence across every conceivable medium, from art to architecture, fashion to film.

“NeueHouse has been my home for the past 10 years. To call it a co-working space or membership club feel insufficient. It’s truly family and I’ve met some of my closest friends there as well as creative collaborators and business partners. As a natural connector and community builder, one of the highlights is being a Committee member and collaborating on cultural programming to curate and create peak experiences that facilitate those moments of human connection, serendipity, and joy we all need. I truly wouldn’t be who I am today with it,” said Liz Friedland.

Photo: Showroom Seven

In this realm where imagination knows no bounds, NeueHouse emerges as a crucible of inspiration, where culinary artistry intersects with architectural ingenuity to redefine the boundaries of taste and sophistication.

Among the esteemed guests of the celebration was the visionary architect David Rockwell, whose ingenious touch graces NeueHouse’s latest gems: the podcast studio and the Cinema by NeueHouse. While the cinema space is yet to be officially unveiled, members have had a sneak peek during exclusive events like Andrew Saffir’s cinema society screenings. These recently include “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” and Q&A with Rachel McAdams, “Faraway Downs” hosted by Baz Luhrmann, “Barbie” screening and conversation with Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell and “The Mission” starring and attended by Jessica Chastain.

Beyond its walls, NeueHouse continues to make waves as a beacon of creativity and connection. With locations in Hollywood and Venice Beach, the brand’s influence knows no bounds. In 2024, boundaries between work and play blur like never before, and NeueHouse emerges as the epicenter of this cultural revolution. As NeueHouse embarks on its next chapter, it remains a haven where introverts and extroverts alike find solace and inspiration. With spaces designed to nurture both productivity and play, NeueHouse embodies the spirit of a new era.


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