NYFW 2024 with The Treasure by Thai Trade Center New York (DITP) and Future Treasure New York

The Treasure,” a collaborative showcase by Thai Trade Center New York (DITP) and Future Treasure New York, culminated in a triumphant fashion runway event held at the High Bar DoubleTree Hotel in the heart of Times Square, New York City, on Saturday, February 10th. Featuring a diverse array of talent such as Elton Ilirjani, international model, activist and philanthropist lit up the catwalk wearing a creation designed TÉCHIN Underground.

The show was a great success for the designer as well as the model. Elton demonstrated his versatility as a model, being chosen as the “Finale” of all The Treasure Show! People present at the show were vowing due to his ability to transform himself on the catwalk. who gave an outstanding performance, the show boasted 70 models strutting down the runway, with prominent representation from six main designers from Thailand: VinnPatararin, Leisure Projects, Sculpture, Boonlear, Merge, and Techin Underground. In addition to these main designers, the event also showcased the work of six accessory designers from Thailand and one from NYC, including names like 77th, Billy Beamo, Charites, Maddy Hopper, Travel Agency, Wodd Bangkok, and Studiocult, respectively. The star-studded affair was attended by notable personalities such as Elton Ilirjani, a renowned US-based celebrity and model, along with Bookko Tanatchapan, a popular actor and TV host from Thailand who made a special trip for the event, and Digna, a celebrity drag queen from NYC. The show celebrated the city’s diversity, with support from casting agency Heavensgate NYC, which provided a platform for emerging talents in the local modeling scene.

The Treasure by Thai Trade Center New York (DITP)

VinnPatararin showcased his signature laser-cut designs, blending denim, leather, and vibrant cotton collage fabric adorned with stainless-steel jewelry and metal buttons, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Leisure Projects presented a collection of menswear and unisex pieces, featuring a fusion of fabrics like black tweed and linen, highlighted by unique details such as a light blue puffer vest and a knot net top with sea shell embellishments. Sculpture brand’s offering included abstract-shaped casual wear, such as blazers with heart-shaped cutouts and jeans adorned with multi-color rivets, evoking a sense of playful sophistication. Boonlear’s collection wove a narrative with strip denim, crochet, faux fur, and ostrich embroidery, inspired by the enchanting tale of a rabbit and the moon. Merge captivated the audience with a Y2K denim collection, featuring heart tops, cargo pants, and miniskirts paired with metallic bodysuits, exuding a retro-futuristic vibe.

The grand finale belonged to Techin Underground, whose vibrant polyester bodysuits emblazoned with the Thai word “Kratoey” (representing LGBTQ+ identity) captivated onlookers. Accompanied by avant-garde styling, including striking headpieces and velvet cone bras, the collection exuded a bold and unique aesthetic with underground hiphop influences. The show attracted over 300 guests, including luminaries like Jan Baiboon, a prominent model, Chris Lavish, Global PR of Fashion Week Online, and Harrison Yu,Celebrity guest, a notable figure from the Thai government lending support to the initiative. Key figures from the Thai community, such as Ms. Somjai Taphaopong (Thai Consul General) and Ms. Ketsuree Vijaranakorn (Executive Director of Thai Trade Center New York), as well as influential business personalities like Ms. Nishita Shah and Ms. Chompu Marusachot (Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand) and Tan Sawaddichai (Founder of Future Treasure New York), also graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of promoting Thai businesses on an international stage.

This spectacular runway event served as a tantalizing preview for the upcoming “The Treasure by DITP and Future Treasure” Pop-Up store, slated to open in SoHo from June 11-24, 2024, at 21 Spring St, New York, NY. It promises to be an exciting opportunity to showcase the best of Thai fashion and lifestyle products to a wider audience, further cementing the cultural exchange between Thailand and New York City’s vibrant fashion scene.


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