THEO Introducing Autumn-Winter’25 Co-ed Collection as a Part of London Fashion Week

THEO, a Ukrainian creative-bureau focusing on experimental outerwear with minimalistic approach to design, introducing new Autumn-Winter’25 Co-Ed collection called “THEO THE CREATOR”.

Led by Theo Dekan, the Kyiv-based creative-bureau team pushes the boundaries of gender and offers power silhouettes with agender notes, all the while maintaining the effortless attractiveness of everyday clothing. The new AW’25 collection artfully layers experience and fantasy into everyday wear, where selection is key — not just in quantity but in the meticulous curation of forms. A dualism of colours is refined and cohesively integrated, speaking to thecollection’s nuanced aesthetic. Each piece encapsulates the designer’s journey and dreams,skillfully blending functionality with an allure that captivates and entices.


The collection unfolds in THEO’s distinctive stylistic approach, where extra-voluminous silhouettes symbolizing shelter and camouflage harmoniously intertwine with straight, narrow, elongated forms that broadcast the brand’s core aesthetic: gender fluidity. ‘THEO THE CREATOR’ surprises with an extravagant, modern twist — slim, tailored, rustically knitted, and jacquard blazers boasting pronounced 3D textures and deliberately accentuated straight shoulder lines that sharply reflect stylistic maturity. Brand’s signature TomBoy cut is revealed in the main block of the collection, evolving from a concise, cropped jacket with minimalist details in eco-leather and padded nylon to its classic version in fresh shades of baby pink and ripe pistachio, and finally unfolding in its essence in hyper-voluminous midi-length puffer jackets, where bulkiness and simultaneous lightness of form dominate.

The collection captivates with finely selected luxurious textures from matte and dusted nylons, distressed denim, which, in combination with aged coarse and glossy soft ecoleather, pronounced hand knitting, faux fur, mirror sequins, and 3D jacquards, create a dramatic ensemble that unfolds even more dynamically thanks to a wide palette of achromatic tones, sprinkled with pale pink, patinated blue, shades of green, nude, and the audacity of gold and mirror silver.


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